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Holmes Heaton has a history of over 100 years producing wool textile piece scouring and milling machines.

Machines have been supplied to prestigious worsted and woollen manufacturing companies not only in the UK but around the world including the USA, Australia, New Zealand and China.

For many years a brand of Sellers Textile Engineering the company was taken into independent ownership by the existing management in 1984.

In 1995 the company became a division of Kroy Wools Limited who are the leading supplier of machinery and associated technology for the shrink proofing of wool. Kroy has many installations in the main wool processing areas of Italy, China, Australia as well as in the UK, Taiwan and the USA.

Following the purchase by Kroy a program of development commenced which was to be done from the point of view of the machine user. Machine maintenance was to be made simple and fabric faults associated with traditional machinery eliminated wherever possible.

The existing Multivac open width continuous scouring line was re-designed using more efficient spray and vacuum pumps whilst the build quality was improved. The machine was always amongst the best with regard to cleaning efficiency and with low water/chemical usage and the new design resulted in the need for maintenance being considerably lower.

Blowash,the new scouring machine was developed specifically to avoid running marks and damages associated with traditional scouring machine.

The machine uses a double Venturi system to drive fabric in place of traditional nip rollers which are the cause of running marks and damages.

Circulating scouring liquor or fresh rinse water is passed through the first Venturi tube whilst circulating air is passed through the second. This combination is sufficient to move fabric at up to 1000 m/min and results is very efficient scouring.

There is no necessity to have a liquid reservoir when rinsing as fresh water is passed through the Venturi system which can be passed directly to drain. This result is very rapid rinsing, saving large amounts of water.

Width milling is possible using traditional milling cheeks in front of the driven lift roller at the entry to the Venturi system whilst a degree of length milling is achieved using the action of hitting the rear door of the machine at high speed.

Maintenance is minimal and cleaning of the machine is simple.

A variety of fabrics are regularly processed on the machine including linen and silk and even in these cases the problems with running marks has been eliminated.

Machines of traditional types including combined milling/scouring machines can still be manufactured. These would have hardwood rollers and stainless steel milling boxes but now include a blowing system to open the folds of the fabric ropes either on entry to or on leaving the nip rollers.

With the recent addition of new personnel we can also offer the design and manufacture of Mangles, Impregnators, Coating Heads, Laminating Units, Inspection Machines, Accumulators, Stenter Chain and various ancillary equipment.

We also offer a repair and maintenance service for all types of textile finishing machinery.

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