Dye Winch

An update on the age old process of winch dyeing.
This machine offers all the advantages of a modern design with a tried and tested dyeing method.

Constructed from 316 stainless steel with programmable touch screen controls and real time monitoring the machine offers a semi/fully automatic dyeing process.



Water from hot/cold supplies is added to the machine to a preset level at which the fill valves are closed automatically.

The toughened glass safety door is raised and the fabric in rope form is loaded into the machine.

The water temperature is then rapidly raised to a predetermined temperature by a steam injector and closed loop heating coil. The chemicals are then added and the temperature again raised to the required dyeing temperature ( 95-98°C ) by the steam injector and heating coil.

At 80°C the steam injector is shut down and the heating coil takes over raising to and maintain the operating temperature.

As this is a closed loop heating coil the hot condensate is returned to the hotwell.

Furthermore, during the dyeing process the extraction fan is turned off and a damper closed to contain as much heat as possible within the machine reducing running costs.

The winch roller design eliminates running marks and returns are non existent.

An optional extra to the control system is Plant Explorer.

This pulls together the control and monitoring information from one or more units and stores it in a standard Microsoft SQL Server database. Also featuring simple but powerful data display screens. Plant Explorer often uses graphics rather than text to represent information and reports in an easy to understand way.

The Plant Explorer app can be downloaded to a smart phone and connected by Wi-Fi to make a VPN connection when on the move to get the same screens as you get on your office PC which can tell you how your machines are running.


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