MULTI-VAC – Washing Machine

Innovative design continuous width washing machine. Modular construction suitable for incorporation in a continuous product line or for use in batch production.


The Multivac system uses the ability to pass scouring mediums through fabric as opposed to passing the fabric through the medium. This is achieved using a spray / suction system. Three sets of spray bars in each module, are controlled by separate pumps and the three vacuum tubes following each spray controlled by one large vacuum pump. Liquor, under high pressure is sprayed onto both sides of the cloth and is then sucked through by the vacuum pump. A specially designed separator allows the air in the liquor to pass through to the vacuum pump whilst the liquid runs to the bottom of the separator for re-circulation or drain via pump depending on the cleanliness of the fabric being processed.

The machine guarantees most efficient washing / cleaning rusults on fabrics of wool and wool blends with mohair, cashmere, silk and synthetics. It is applicable to polyester / viscose, acrylic and other such cloths.

High production speed – 10 / 30m/min depending on the fabric quality

Low water consumption – 9 / 15 litres / Kg

Easy Installation – No special foundations necessary

Simple Maintenance – Immediate access to all parts


Temperature Control – Through closed coil steam heating

Each Module as the Following Speciaication


  • Width – 900mm
  • Length – 2000mm
  • Height – 2800mm
  • Weight – 600Kg

Capacity – 175 litres

Installed Power

  • Vacuum Pump – 18.5 Kw
  • Circulation Pumps – 3 x 2.2 Kw
  • Suction Pump – 3 Kw
  • Drive – 1.1 Kw

multivac3                    multivac4

Typical layout of continuous line incorporating:

  • 3 x Washing units
  • 1 xmultivac5

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