FULLAMATIC – Milling & Scouring

Multic application combined milling and scouring machine


  1. Machine can be constructed with 1,2 or 4 channels depending on production capacity. The working rollers are covered with either plastic or wood.
  2. Feeding of the fabric rope through an antifriction roller with an additional draw roller allows tension free feeding up to a speed of 250 metres / minute.
  3. A roller placed at the outlet of the milling channel, with a higher lineal speed than the main rollers, throws the fabric, during the scouring cycle, against a concave beater board. This produces some milling effect whilst helping to change the fold of the cloth thus reducing the risk of running marks. Optionally a modern blowing system can be fitted in the same position to open the rope during both the scouring and milling cycles.
  4. Lining of the milling channel with thermoplastic material produces friction forces within the channel giving optimum milling results
  5. Separate entrances for each channel with motorised adjustment.
    Length measuring device to determine the milling effect.
    Automatic level and temperature control for main trough.
    Dirt trough with connections to main trough or to drain.
    Dispencing tanks for addition of scouring and milling agents.
    Sprayingsystem for fabric moistening and circulation of liquor.
    Fabric draw out roller with separate geared motor.
    Machine casing in stainless steel.
    Variable speed drive.


The control panel. All working conditions of the machine are indicated by displays in the panel.
The programmable control allows up to six different milling and scouring programmes to be run automatically, or the machine can be controlled manually.
Load applied to the top roller and the milling channels are controlled by pressure regulators and gauges.





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